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Electric Incorporated Distributes and Repairs a Complete Line of AC and DC Electric Motors,
Motor Controllers, Pumps, Recorders and Process Controls

With over thirty years in motor and pump repair and motor and process control applications, and offering control products
from pushbuttons to coordinated drive systems, Electric Incorporated is truly a one stop source for your motor, pump and
process control needs.

Commercial & Industrial Pump Sales A premier source of commercial and industrial pumps from turbine to sump pumps, we offer a wide selection.
Commercial & Industrial Pump Sales From timers and relays to proximity sensors and transformers, a complete line of process controls are custom programmed/calibrated as well as interfaced with pumps, motors, or other products.
Industrial & Commercial Motor & Pump Repair Services As a member of EASA, we are a full service repair shop offering both in-house and on-site repair services for your damaged or problematic motors and pumps.
Certified Crane Inspection & Crane Repair Services We provide certified inspection and repair services for all types of overhead, bridge and trolley cranes. Industrial crane repairs and modifications are performed to ASME and CMAA standards.
Industrial Field Service Whether that project is a shutdown inspection, testing of production equipment, the installation of a new production line, or repairs (electrical, mechanical or controls), we have the expertise to assist.